Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another Process Post

Since it's always fun to watch little animations, here's one showing how I made the second page of my book Fantastic Life (in stores now! Or order it here!). It starts with the original pencil drawing (you can see how woefully rusty I was after not doing comics drawing for 20 years!) and then goes through various versions of the page showing the changes I made, and finishes with the final color version of the page.

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  1. Bishakh asked: What made you change the 'soundtrack' in the last panel twice?

    A: The first time it was because the lyrics to the Buzzcocks song ("Running Free") seemed to make more sense in terms of the story than the first lyrics ("Chinese Rocks" by the Heartbreakers/Ramones). I liked the line "it's a trick of the torment, you tend to forget yourself" because of all the amnesia Adam suffers. The second time I changed it was because I got paranoid about using someone else's lyrics and getting sued, so I wrote some myself.